The Development Of Architecture And Today’S Architectural Problems Were Examined

The Development Of Architecture And Today’S Architectural Problems Were Examined

A seminar about “Abolishing Poverty and Architecture” was organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture at Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU). A lot of research, examinations and results were discussed. 


A lot of important architectural topics from the past to the present were mentioned in the seminar organized by HKU. It was stated that the aim of the speech in which Doğan Hasol participated as a speaker was to examine and interpret the changes that Ottoman Empire went through from its last periods to these days. Primary topics were Ottoman Architecture after the Rescript of Gülhane, how Turkey tended Ottoman style Baroque Architecture and the search for a new identity. In addition to these, various topics were discussed in the seminar broadly and extensively: How was the effect of Modernism on the architectural identity of structures in 1950s and 1960s? How did the architectural developments in France contribute to Turkey? Which architects were invited to Turkey from France? How did these architects contribute to the country? How were the reflections of the architectural regulations and the policy applied to architecture?


Except for the past architectural structures and problems, today’s problems were also discussed extensively in the seminar. Today’s problems such as the necessity to take precaution for squatting and illegal structuring, to increase citizens’ level of income, and to increase the areas opened to build were mentioned. Moreover, Doğan Hasol said that the regulations and the policy applied should not have been for the sake of unearned income, and instead of enlarging buildings by increasing their height, enlarging by spreading would increase our level of welfare.


The last part of the programme continued with the question-answer session. Why were not star and popular architects brought up in Turkey, what kind of conditions were needed to be provided to bring up such architects, and the results caused by the fact that there was no urbanization in Turkey were discussed and examined as among the most attractive questions.