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Architecture Programme
Architecture Programme

Architecture Programme




Profession of architecture is art spaces organization that society structure, with necessity and economic datasrelated technological development in order to enable people’s life to takes helter, get rest, work , vital and culturel equipments.
The aim of Hasan Kalyoncu University, Architecture Department raise fulfill its responsibilities by communication abilities and  can analyse global and local conditions and at the same time compete where by professionalabilities with world architects, target improvement constantly to art, design and scients that education-teaching comprehension sustain; national and international education-teaching and research institutes, sector and civil society institutions joint work by sustaining, academic staff, students and graduates strengthen activities at global platforms.   


Architecture is universalprofession each period of humanhistory is being important.It designs from desiring God religious buildings to symbolizing power palaces or basic house types all open and close space.Architecture accepts the world's oldest profession is also construction sector in separable part.Construction sector are accepted as the driving force the biggest sector in the World between other sectors. For this reason, architecture is visionary individual’s profession who will prepare the future with the accumulations of the past. The graduated architects can be seen to work on different sectors in the architecture profession.
Architects Work On;

Public Installations
By Designer
Theaim of Building Inspection
In Private Sectoror Pragmativ as banks etc. Organizationsareconstantly in charge as architect.
Taking in Constractions
As a Freelance Architect
As an Academician

1st Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İNG101 English I Compulsory2
2 SSP101 Social Responsibility Projects Compulsory2
3 TÜR101 Turkish Language and Literature I Compulsory2
4 MİM111 Building Materials Compulsory3
5 MİM107 Architectural Drawing Techniques I Compulsory3
6 MİM109 Basic Design and Model Compulsory4
7 INT100 Introduction to University Life Compulsory1
2nd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 MİM102 Architectural Design I Compulsory5
2 İNG102 Englis II Compulsory2
3 MİM112 Brand Development Compulsory2
4 MİM 110 Building Theory and Design Compulsory3
5 TÜR102 Turkish Language and Literature II Compulsory2
6 MİM104 Constructional Elements of Buildings I Compulsory3
7 MİM108 Architectural Drawing Techniques II Compulsory3
3rd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 MİM201 Architectural Design II Compulsory5
2 AİİT201 Atatürk's Principles and History of Revolution I Compulsory2
3 MİM205 Constructional Elements of Buildings II Compulsory4
4 MİM203 Computer Aided Design I Compulsory3
5 MİM209 History of Architecture I Compulsory2
6 MİM225 Statics Compulsory2
7   Free Elective Elective2
4th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 MİM202 Architectural Design III Compulsory5
2 AİİT202 Atatürk's Principles and History of Revolution II Compulsory2
3 MİM210 History of Architecture II Compulsory2
4 MİM204 Computer Aided Design II Compulsory3
5 MİM290 Internship I Compulsory0
6 MİM228 Structural Analysis Compulsory2
7   Free Elective Elective2
5th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 MİM301 Architectural Design IV Compulsory5
2 MİM305 History of Architecture III Compulsory2
3 MİM303 Structure Application Project Compulsory4
4 MİM309 Conversation of Historic Buildings Compulsory3
5 MİM319 Structural Physics Compulsory3
6   Technical Elective Elective2
7   Free Elective Elective2
6th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 MİM302 Architectural Design V Compulsory5
2 MİM306 History of Art Compulsory2
3 MİM304 Building Installation Compulsory2
4 MİM308 Reinforced Concrete Compulsory2
5 MİM310 Architectural Survey & Restoration Studio Compulsory3
6 MİM312 Urban Planning and The Urban Development Law Compulsory2
7 MİM390 Internship II Compulsory0
8   Free Elective Elective2
7th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 MİM401 Architectural Design VI Compulsory5
2 MİM405 Urban Planning Studio Compulsory3
3 MİM407 History of Contemporary Architecture Compulsory2
4   Technical Elective Elective2
5   Technical Elective Elective2
8th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 MİM499 Graduation Projects Compulsory5
2 MİM402 Construction Management Economics Compulsory2
3   Technical Elective Elective2
4   Technical Elective Compulsory2
5    2